This note is just to say thanks

This note is just to say thanks for the service my sister and I received from Indigo during the sale of our house.

I’ve looked back at my diary and we put the house on the market on 11th March, had two offers the next day and accepted one of them on 14th. Exchange took place on 19th April and Completion on 26th April, so I make that 46 days from beginning to end.

It was a bit hard for us to give up the house though, because my Mum and Dad bought it 38? years ago! On the day after completion I looked in on the couple who bought the house to give them my key and check they were OK with the heating system, etc, and they seem to be doing fine.

Could you say thank you to Rosina, Connor and Richard on our behalf please, and also mention us to Scott (my wife Violetta and I lived opposite Scott and Peri in Copthorne for a year or two. Thanks and Regards

Andrew Burton