Save our town

Save our town

Save Our Town

Indigo Residential has been monitoring the plans to regenerate Luton as we want to get right behind any proposal that will see our town take a positive leap forward. It is vital to look at a strategy to improve the appeal of the town, secure local jobs, and looks to the medium/long term future prosperity of Luton town, and its people. The legacy that this regeneration would bring is very, very exciting.

Recognising our corporate and social responsibility.

We want to ensure that our business is conducted in a way that is ethical and takes in to account our social impact. It is really important to consider how we operate in the place where we live, work and socialise. We are keen not just be seen to do the right thing, but actually following our intentions through with tangible actions. The definition of integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

With this in mind, we started to follow the #SaveOurTown campaign. We became very interested in both the subject matter and those getting involved. Indigo Residential wanted to pledge its support to it, wanted to develop a positive relationship and work in partnership with the campaign, as it seemed to align with our core values and ethics.

We spoke in depth with Lauren who heads up #SaveOurTown and decided the best place to start was to co-write a blog outlining the current issues. Finding out what exactly the issues are, is the first step to understanding the pinch points. We can then provide our collective support to these the key areas. Especially if there is something blocking the future plans and true development of our amazing town.

Lauren from #SaveOurTown writes:

At long last, there are plans to regenerate Luton – with two new developments which will create up to 10,000 new jobs, revitalise the town centre, create a new football stadium, provide an exciting new gateway to the town, and open up land for much needed housing in the Bury Park area.

Newlands Park, would become the gateway to Luton – a new site up at Junction 10 would be filled with exciting leisure activities, aspirational retail, office space and a hotel. Power Court, in the town centre, would be the new home of Luton Town Football Club, but would also become home to vast community space, a hotel, a supermarket and a 1,800 capacity music venue.

These proposals are about more than just football, and while we support our club, we also support investment, innovation, and the creation of jobs and opportunities in our town.

Luton residents – and people who take pride in our town – overwhelmingly support the plans. More than 11,000 people taking the time to individually write to the local authority, backing the planning applications. This is the highest level of public support ever seen in UK planning history.

Is regeneration what is wanted?

Our MPs want regeneration. Our council wants regeneration. The whole community wants regeneration. But there’s a real threat that one corporate voice will drown out those that would benefit the most. Capital & Regional (C&R), the operators of The Mall. A London and Johannesburg based property company which is trying to block the project to help protect its domination of retail in Luton.

Capital & Regional are happy to let the town stagnate, and have made it clear that they will make sure the process
lasts as long as possible, and will object at every stage. The #saveourtown campaign has been created to tell Capital & Regional that enough is enough.

Giving Luton a voice

We want to give all of the communities of Luton a voice. We want to share the names, faces and experiences of the 11,000 real people that support the proposals. We want to ensure that the town of Luton has the opportunities, investment and future it deserves. We want to #saveourtown.

Pledging our support

Having listened carefully to the points put forward by Lauren, the Indigo residential organisation wants to pledge its full support to this philanthropic campaign.



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