Our concierge service is definitely a match winner

Our concierge service is definitely a match winner

Our concierge service concept has been created with our valued customers in mind. It has been designed to fully benefit every customer on their journey, to either buy or sell a property. From the moment you contact any of the Indigo Residential team, you will notice that we will listen to what it is you want. Only then can we assist you to achieve your desired goal with the correct information, accurate advice and effective support.


What does ‘Concierge Service’ actually mean?

The word ‘concierge’ comes from the French language meaning ‘a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel. A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations, etc’. The term has developed over the years and now describes a special, more personal and attentive service.

At Indigo we use the term ‘concierge’ to describe our personalised service. We create a helpful environment, effectively sharing the information and our knowledge, which shapes and defines our concierge service to mean ‘an individual who takes care of the whole property process’. That’s what we do for you at Indigo Residential.

Buying or selling doesn’t need to be difficult

Buying or selling a property should be an easy process, however, with all of the various requirements, professions and people needing to come together all at one specific time, to make a purchase/sale happen, can make things feel hard work. At Indigo we want to try and make the process of buying and selling as simple as possible for our customers by providing you with a clear pathway, the appropriate information, and a full suite of services that will help you reach your desired destination as smoothly and quickly as is possible.

This is the reason why we created our concierge service, to try and remove as much of the pressure and stress from you, the customer. From the moment you meet a member of the Indigo Residential team, to the time you exchange contracts and/or pick up the keys to your new home, we can (and do) deal with every aspect of a property purchase or sale process.

A full support system

Everything is in place to ensure the experience you receive is superb. From your first point of contact, to your last, we provide a service that is like no other. Our sales and lettings team, valuation specialists, dedicated sales progression team, land and new homes department, in-branch mortgage advisors and in-branch solicitors are all geared to make the process faster and your life a little bit easier.

Our concierge service support system is designed to; reduce your stress, support you in every areas of the property purchasing/selling/letting process, increase the speed of the transaction and make it more convenient.

A fully supportive team

You can also benefit from our in-branch Mortgage Advisors, they are there to assist you with financial questions, advice and guidance. If appropriate they can provide you with a very competitive, no obligation, mortgage offer. The good news for all of our customers is that we don’t restrict our services. You can use our mortgage services even if you are not buying or selling through us. We like to provide a full spectrum of possibilities. We are also the only estate agency in Bedfordshire to have an in-branch Solicitor facility to assist you with conveyancing issues you may have, moving

the transaction forward at a greater pace.

A match winning service

We think it is fair to say that we bring a unique perspective to the property market. We are confident that our comprehensive service will make the process smoother. We are delighted that our in-branch Solicitors, Mortgage Advisers and designated Sales Progressors enable us to provide increased speed and greater customer convenience. We know we’re different from any other estate agent in the local area. Our concierge concept enables us to deliver an honest, caring, accelerated and supportive service. We believe that this is a winning formula.

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