Do you have kerbside appeal?

Do you have kerbside appeal?

Having watched plenty of television shows on ‘selling houses’, the main focus is mostly on the inside; interior decor, decluttering, etc. We at Indigo agree with this, however, it is that first impression that can make all the difference. How your house looks from the street is really important to a successful sale, more important than you may think.

Front garden, driveway and pathway to your door

Go out onto the street and take a look at your house and consider undertaking the following. If you have a lawn, keep it cut regularly, keep flower beds tidy and where the season allows, have colourful plants. If you have plant pots ensure they are looking well cared for, either planted with season appropriate flowers, plants or trees. Make sure plant pots are weed free and the flowers or trees are well trimmed and looking healthy. Trees and shrubs in the front garden can be a real asset if they are trimmed.

If you have a driveway and/or pathway, make sure it is swept, clean and weed free. Ensure that if you have any walls, fences and gates, they are in good order, painted and work properly. Try to ensure that there is no rubbish, rubbish bags or wheelie bins visible in the front garden, driveway or path leading up to your house. If you can hide the bins it is a great idea to do so, if not, just keep them as neat as possible. A tidy, well kept frontage can have a very positive effect and makes a great first impression.

The front of your house

During the autumn and winter seasons leaves can build up. This may not sound so important, however, a pile of leaves can be the perfect home for animals and pests. Simply taking a few minutes every week to sweep up the leaves will help make your house more attractive from the street.

If you have a garage, keep the door closed and make sure the door is clean. It is amazing to think that a garage door can make such a big impact. A well looked after garage door, in good working order can enhance the feeling of safety and security.

To help with making a great first impression and welcome in prospective purchasers, open your curtains, give them a sneak peak. However, ensure that all windows, window sills, doors and door surrounds are freshly washed. If you have an outside light make sure it is in full working order, it is clear of dust and cobwebs. In addition ensure that your doorbell and/or door-knocker is clean and working. Finally, your house number and/or house name being clearly visible from the street is a great idea – a ‘For Sale’ board also helps identify and promote the fact that your house is for sale.

These tips we have put together are not a guarantee that you will sell your house quickly or for the price you expect, however, by following these simple guides, it will certainly help with the kerbside appeal, and importantly it can improve the value of your home.

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