Connecting emotionally

Connecting emotionally

Having created a great first impression from the kerbside, does your house continue with the ‘wow-factor’ as the front door is opened and you step over the threshold. From our experience, the Indigo team really understand what turns people off a house, however, we also know what turns a potential buyer into an actual purchaser.

Its all about making that emotional connection.

Buying a house is all about compromise, each of us have a ‘wish list’ when buying a house. It may be the location, the size of rooms, the number of bedrooms, a garden, a garden shed, off street parking, a garage, a workshop or proximity to a local school. However, it is often a combination of these and some will be of greater importance than others. The one thing we hear potential buyers say regularly is “it just feels right”. Buyers sometimes can’t put a reason on why the house is right, all we know is that the emotional connection they have made with the house suddenly becomes the most important feature.

When your home is on the market for sale, we are all working towards (you and your estate agent) someone else falling in love with it. This feeling is what makes a purchaser decide to make an offer, you can help create this feeling when they come to look around your home by following some basic guidelines.

The entrance hall is the first room experienced, make sure it creates the right impression. If you have shoe racks and coat hooks, do not overload them – it can darken the entrance area. We all love to express our personality within our homes – its what makes them unique. However, this expression is not quite so well appreciated when purchasers are viewing your house – somethimes people cannot visualise change.

If you can, paint the walls in a neutral colour, remove any bulky furniture from the hallway, ensure all lights are working, modern lights can make your home feel brighter, sunnier and more cheerful. If you want to add colour back in to the room, do so with a rug, a vase and small accessories. Open all of the doors throughout the house to give a light airy feel, it also improves the sight lines and creates a feeling of space.

Simple things make the difference.

Ensure all curtains are open and drawn back elegantly giving maximum light in each room. Ensure rooms are ventilated, especially bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, as it’s really important to acknowledge that stuffy or overpowering rooms put purchasers off. We know that your home is not a show house, and you have to live in the house whilst selling, however, washing hanging (inside or outside) does not help create the emotional connection you are trying to achieve.

Put clothes away in wardrobes, this gives a sense of good storage in the home. In order to make you home feel spacious and attractive, you need to remove any clutter. If you have outgrown your home, it may be a good idea to start to pack the ‘non essentials’ into boxes and put them into a loft area or if needed into storage.

Feeling comfortable is part of the attraction.

We are a nation of pet lovers, but don’t take this for granted. Some purchasers will indeed love them and will pay more attention to your pets than your home, which defeats the object, However, the flip-side to this is that some people are genuinely frightened or even allergic to pets – you may find that buyers may rush around and leave as quickly as possible. Again this is not what you want.

It is always preferable that pets can be out of the house with friends when a viewing is planned, this will allow everyone to feel comfortable and focus on your home. In addition to reduce the impact of allergies, remove pet bowls, baskets, blankets, beds and really importantly litter trays.

Falling in love with your home.

Potential buyers perfer to see a clean and tidy environment. Freshly vaccumed carpets, swept wooden flooring, set up dinning table, tidy kitchen surfaces, no washing up in the sink, plumped cushions on the sofa, neatly made and well presented beds are always a great idea to help potential purchasers make the emotional connection and imagine themselves living in your home.

These tips we have put together at Indigo are a guide to help you attract the right purchaser for your house. You will be surprised at what a difference these steps will make, and how buyers will respond – falling in love with your home. Please recognise that the Indigo guides do not guarantee you will sell your house quickly or for the price you expect, however, the will certainly help.

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