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Comprehensive mortgage advice

Comprehensive mortgage advice.

We advise on a comprehensive range or mortgages from across the market which saves clients a lot of time and hassle. You won’t need to enquire with various lenders, mortgage advisors and meet numerous people which can be an inconvenience and confusing. You won’t need to discuss your requirements time and again. Most importantly, you won’t miss out on

a good deal because you didn’t know it was there.

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Connecting emotionally

Having created a great first impression from the kerbside, does your house continue with the ‘wow-factor’ as the front door is opened and you step over the threshold. From our experience, the Indigo team really understand what turns people off a house, however, we also know what turns a potential buyer into an actual purchaser.

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Do you have kerbside appeal?

Having watched plenty of television shows on ‘selling houses’, the main focus is mostly on the inside; interior decor, decluttering, etc. We at Indigo agree with this, however, it is that first impression that can make all the difference. How your house looks from the street is really important to a successful sale, more important than you may think.

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